BNAD 100 Lecture 8: Session 8--Corporate Finance

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Business Administration
BNAD 100
Rob Mateucci

Session 8: Corporate Finance I. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) = the senior executive responsible for managing the financial actions of a company 1. Reports directly to the company's CEO and works closely with other exec, officers (marketing, supply chain, HR, etc.) 2. Nearly half of Fortune 500 CFO's have grad businesses degrees (MBA) 3. Over a third of Fortune 500 CFOs are CPAs 4. Women and minorities are unrepresented in CFO positions, but better than in the past • Within last 10 years it has increased 1. Controller Division = manages the company’s accounting & finances • Financial Accounting =tracks, monitors, and reports the company's financial transactions • Collect financial info & create the financial statements • Process financial transactions • Prepare the company's tax returns • Managerial Accounting = uses accounting info to help managers within an organization make decisions for the company • Prepare budgets and forecasts • Perform Variance Analysis = identifies & explains the reasons for the difference between budgeted & actual financial activity • how are we performing compared to how we thought we performed? • Financial Planning & Analysis = evaluates business, projects or products to determine their performance & make business decisions • Analyze financial data to help make decisions • Should we expand into a foreign coun
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