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The American DreamProceduralSubstantive RightsDebate over the structure and power of the government raging our early thinking driven by procedural rightsProcedural rights are those that concern the mechanics of democracy elections freedom of speech assembly and religionOver time increasing attention to substantive rightsSubstantive rights concern the quality of life of citizens education healthcare and eldercareThe American DreamEducationEducationupward mobilityUS leads the way with this substantive rightPolicyspending imperatives and these are often fiercely debated Secondary education for 1st half 20th centuryGI Bill middle 20th centuryPreschool 21st centuryBenjamin Franklinan American original170690 PhiladelphiaPrinter publisherauthor Scientist Intellectual PoliticianThe First American Only President of the United States who has never been PresidentSeminal in defining the American ethos as an integration of the practical and democratic values of thrift hard work education community spirit self governing institutions and opposition to authoritarianism both political and religious with the scientific and tolerant values of the EnlightenmentCommunity Commitmentcreated the first lending library publicStarted 1st volunteer firefighting unitRole in first hospital in the USFranklins religiosityreligious tolerance puritan roots but a Deist core beliefsThere is a God that made all thingsGod governs the world by His providenceMost acceptable service to God is doing good to manSoul is immortalGod will reward virtue and punish viceFranklinthe Frenchminister to France 177885Sophistication of the gifted ordinary manSeparation of church and state The philosophy of the school room in one generationwill be the philosophy of government in the next Abraham LincolnReligion is always tied in with the American DreamThe American DreamSlaveryJonathan Edwardsowned slaves yet led congregations that added Black members and preached sermons that powerfully denounced the institution of slaveryThomas Jeffersonmaintained himself materially through slavery but championed the rights of humansWilliam Lloyd Garrisonaddress to the colonization society 1829Rev THorton StringfellowA brief examination of scripture testimony on the Instutution of SlaveryGovernmetn and Positive and Negative LibertyLiberty describes a citizenrys relationsip to the governmentPositive liberty is characterized by a powerful state with more mechanisms to affect a citizens actionscan be seen in much of Europe after the French RevolutionNegative Liberty is characterized by a weaker state in which the government is more constrained in relation to its citizenryThis is the model that has largely dominated the US psyche Started recordingAmerican RomanticsTranscendentalistsChampion selfreliance while suspicious of organized insitutitionssuspicion of organized institutions extends to governmental religious and political partiesInstitutions seen as impediment to selfreliance and independent individuals that create the basis of a good communityMonday 9814MapDr Nancy Stillers lecture postponed until next Monday September 15thMeet with your TA by the end of this weekExam on Sept 22T
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