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Lecture 10

ANTH 1013 Lecture 10: what is osteology

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ANTH 1013

Lecture 10 What is Osteology? Osteology: the science and study of bones composition, structure, development, function Skeletal Functions 1. Support: provides a scaffolding to support soft tissues 2. Protection: provides a hard, armor shielding to soft tissues joints are shock absorbers, shield the body from high impacts 3. Function: bones act as levers or struts, pulled upon by muscles to provide movements 4. Red blood cell and marrow productionstorage: occurs in long bones, layers of the skull, pelvic bones, and ribs hemopoeisis: production of red blood cells 5. mineral bank: reservoirs of minerals to be tapped by bodies (ex: pregnant women deficient in calcium will resorb own bone to nourish fetus) 6. energy reserve: adipose tissue stored in marrow as well Standard Anatomical Position No bones are crossed Sagittal plane: cuts body into left and right halves Medial: moving towards the midline Lateral: moving away from the midline Coronal plane: cuts body into front and back halves Anterior: moving towards the front Posterior: moving towards the back Transverse plane: cuts body into top and bottom halves Superior: moving upwards Inferior: moving downwards Appendicular skeleton: arms and legs Axial skeleton: bones of head trunk of vertebrae Categorizing the 206 Bones long bones: large, tubular bones of the limbs with articular ends (6 pairs, 12 total) short bones: like long bones, with tubular shafts and articular ends, but much smaller (58 total) flat bones: thin, wide bones for protection and muscle attachment, not tubular!! (35 total)ribs, sternum irregular bones: blocky or chunky depending on the function the bone performs (65 infracranial many cranial)
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