HESC 2603 Lecture 2: what is rural?

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Human Environmental Sciences
HESC 2603
Zola Moon

Mon. January 23, 2017 Lecture Sociology Speak Norms: formal or informal culturally established rule Sanctions: positive or negative response by an individual or group to behavior designed to encourage or discourage Group Discussion: The Last Hunger Season 1. What is wanjala? hunger season 2. Discuss norms from Last Hunger Season women do the farming feeding the wedding guests share food with anyone who doesnt have enough 3. Whatd you find surprising? distance is measured by cost have to pay for high school often have to choose between education and food on the table 4. How similar are Kenyan farmers to U.S.? Kenyan farmers buy high and sell low many market choices in the U.S. U.S. farmers have government support to stabilize prices no government support for farmers in Kenya Social Structures Roles: duties, statuses how we rank people based on wealth, opportunity and education statuspower Norms Stratification: hierarchies of wealth, status, power, race, gender and age Gender: social roles ascribed on the basis of sex gender roles change over time in response to society What is rural? Latin: rus, ruis (the country) IndoEuropean: rewos (space; wide) Gothic: rums (room, space) Dependence upon natural resourcesa real connection to rural people Rural people forgotten Louis Wirth (1938) rural societies characterized by stability, integration and rigid social stratification urban: dynamic and unstable, impersonal, and fluid in terms of social stratification Rural defined in early history of U.S. low population density small absolute size isolated peoples way of life is relatively homogeneous agricultural
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