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Lecture 1

PHIL 2003C Lecture 1: lecture 1-introduction to philosophy

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PHIL 2003C
Warren Herold

Lecture 1 Introduction to Philosophy The Newcomb Problem 2 boxes; box on left is clear and contains 1,000, box on right cannot see whats inside can either choose the box on the right only, or both boxes what is in the box to the right? contains 1,000,000 if predicted youd only choose 1 box 0 if you choose both boxes predictions are 99 accurate and the prediction has already been made Standard one box argument maximizes expected payoff Standard both boxes argument either 1,000,000 is in the box or not, might as well take the 1,000 in the left clear box as well to be safe What is Philosophy? Philosophers (like 3 year olds) ask questions about why we believe what we believe, why we value what we value, and why do we do what we do Subject matter: Epistemology (study of knowledge) Philosophy of religion Free will Ethics (right vs wrong) Political philosophy (what the government should do) 3 Primary roles of philosophers: Analyze concepts (conceptual analysis) Develop theories
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