CFT 412 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Orgasm, Hysterectomy, Mastectomy

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Class 12: May 9
1. It is unlikely that I will be ostracized by my family and friends, fired
from my job, evicted from my home, given substandard medical care,
suffer violent or sexual abuse, ridiculed by the media, or preached
against by religious organizations simply because of my professed
identity or perceived incongruent gendered behaviors or
2. I can be confident that people will not call me by a different name or
use improper pronouns.
3. I never suffered the indignation of "holding it", when both functional
and unoccupied public restrooms are available. In fact, I don't need to
be concerned about public facilities segregated by sex.
4. If I am institutionalized, I don't have to worry about being housed in
the wrong section of a facility segregated by sex.
5. I am not denied entrance to appropriate services or events that are
segregated by sex.
6. My childhood innocence was not interrupted with desperate prayers
to a divinity begging to wake up the opposite sex.
7. I never grieve about my lost childhood and adolescence because I was
born the opposite sex.
8. I will only experience puberty once.
9. I never worry about potential lovers shifting instantly from amorous
to disdain and even violence because of my genitals.
10. I am unlikely to be questioned about my genitals, even less likely to
be touched inappropriately or asked to see them.
11. It is unlikely that I would risk my health by avoiding the medical
profession for fear of discovery.
12. I never considered hiding my body parts by binding or tucking.
13. It is unlikely that I would consider changing my voice.
14. If I have a professionally recognized and diagnosed condition, I am
unlikely to be excluded from medical insurance coverage.
15. As a man, I am more likely to look my age, and have a body similar
in size and shape to other men.
16. As a man, I am more likely to be satisfied with the functionality of
my genitals.
17. As a man, I am more likely able to father children.
18. As a woman, I am more likely to have a body similar in size and
shape to other women.
19. As a woman, I am unlikely to lose my hair before middle age.
20. As a woman, I am more likely able to conceive and bear children.
21. As a woman, I don't have to dilate the rest of my life.
22. I am more likely able to achieving orgasm.
23. I will likely have $50,000 or more to spend or save for retirement.
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