CFT 412 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Center For Process Studies

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Class 16: May 30
What is it?
Often preventative
Designed for healthy/well-functioning relationships
Utilized with increased frequency for distressed
Educational component
Become aware of self and partner/s
Explore own thoughts/feelings, thoughts/feelings of
partner/s„ Encourage empathy and intimacy
Develop effective communication and problem-solving
Empirical evidence for the effectiveness of relationship
enrichment programs
Studies demonstrate that those participating experience:„
Improved relationship satisfaction
Better sexual intimacy
Increased intellectual Intimacy
More self-disclosure
Improved ability to Identify needs and wants
Enhanced communication and conflict resolution skills
Lower levels of relationship violence
Process studies:
Couples have reported relationship enrichment programs as
a positive experience that they would recommend to others
Three Main Objectives
Increase positivity outside of conflict
Increase positivity
Decrease negativity during conflict
Enrichment Starts
with Good
Process and Content
Process: the way in which the couple interacts
Content: the details of their communication
Other parts of assessment
Health status (current & historical)
Relational process
Social context (ecological influences/systemic/diversity
Relational objectives; shared goals
Change orientation
find more resources at
find more resources at
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