J 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: List Of Black Mirror Episodes

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JOURNALISM-J201 Lecture 17 Notes
Black Mirror: NOSEDIVE
Everything and every interaction is based on a 1-5 star rating system. Every single interaction
has a rating. People with lower ratings are essentially outcasts because based of your rating
you have a higher place in society. There is a girl who has a 3.4 rating and she basically wants
to have a higher rating. She wants the higher rating to get her dream apartment and the she
finds out her high school best friend (A 4.0 rating) is getting married and is asked by her to be
her maid of honor. She decides to go to the wedding because those invited are all higher levels.
The higher the level, the more the rating is worth and it also works in reverse. However, after
she starts heading to the wedding she gets docked and is unable to get on her flight because of
her low rating. She gets mad and is therefore kicked out of the airport. After she meets an older
lady who went from being a 4 star to a 1 star she learns that ratings don’t matter as much. Then
her best friend calls her and tells her not to come anymore due to her rating. Basically she lands
in a downward spiral and eventually crashes her friends’ wedding which leads her to being
arrested. Once in jail she meets another person and the filter of their lives are finally removed.
It shows that this would be our society’s potential future because of everybody’s obsession with
social media.
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