J 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Channing Tatum, Thought Catalog, Hegemonic Masculinity

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JOURNALISM-J201 Lecture 12 Notes
Demand Generation
Demand Generation:
Building websites that get your attention.
Comments to bring you to another page with more stories.
On ABC television = two actors that kenny hired.
“How is it unethical? They wanted to interview her about the story that
went viral and it was a story. People spend too much time on the internet
and comment their asses off and don’t realize it’s not real... These aren’t
real people that matter.”” - Kenny Hyder
‘Manny contributors to Thought Catalog are in college and do not have
an established web footprint and fact-check.” -Editor at Thought Catalog
The capacity to control facts is essential for making and maintaining power.
Powerful Hegemonies
Channing Tatum
Hollywood in general
Masculinity (hegemonic masculinity)
MOST powerful = YOU!
Four kinds of Media Productions
1. Publicly Funded Media Production
Some of your tax money goes to pay for a media production.
2. Privately Funded
3. Directly Funded
Subscriptions are direct funding.
4. Audience Funded
We watch and are the commodity.
Media is tailored to audience behavior, spaces, and values.
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