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Lecture 8

PSY 201 Lecture 8: Notes for Week 5 Class 1

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PSY 201
Dasa Zeithamova Demircan

● Three meanings of consciousness ○ Moment to moment subjective experience ○ Self-awareness ○ Awareness of the world ● Selective attention ○ The process by which the mind chooses among the thousands of stimuli, allowing only some of these stimuli to be passed along for further information ○ The cocktail- party effect: tuning in one message while filtering out others nearby ● Where our attention is focused? ○ Stimulus- driven ■ reflexive , bottom-up ○ Goal-directed ■ Voluntary, top-down ● Capacity limitation ○ Inattentional blindness: failure to see visible objects when attention is directed elsewhere ○ Change blindness: a failure to notice large changes in the environment, when there is no sudden transient in the image to draw our attention to the change. ■ Don't fully process all of the details ■ Attention typically needed for conscious processing ● Feature integration theory ○ We can automatically identify certain basic features in the environment ○ However, putting together features of an object to form a complete percept requires attention ● Conscious attention ○ Conscious attention and effort are necessary when learning a new task but many tasks can become automated after extensive practice ● Theory of Dual Processing ○ Information processed on both conscious and unconscious levels ○ Unconscious parallel processing: automatic pilot taking care of routine business ○ Serial conscious processing: solving problems with focused attention ● Sleep ○ ⅓ of our lives asleep ○ Loss of awareness of the outside world ○ Circadian rhythms ■ Variations in physiological processes that cycle within a day ○ Travel across time-zones disturbs circadian rhythm --- jet lag ■ Internal timekeeper in suprachiasmatic nucleus ■ Stages of sleep ● Beta waves, alpha waves, theta waves, k-complex, delta waves ○ Memory ■ Different types of memories reinforced during different sleep stages ● Pattern recognition, moto
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