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Lecture 5

PSY 309 Lecture 5: Psychopathology

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University of Oregon
PSY 309
Nicholas Allen

Week 3 Lecture 1 How do you test a research question?  Scientific method: a systematic way of accumulating and organizing knowledge through observation, experimentation, verification, and the evaluation of hypotheses There are various methodologies: – Case studies—based on individuals or small groups to obtain in-depth information, usually used for understudied or rare disorders or ideas – Observational studies—observing without manipulation to gain insight – Correlational studies—examine the relationship between two variables without manipulating either variable – Experimental designs—control/manipulate the independent variable (IV) and how this influences the dependent variable (DV)viewed as the gold standard of research – Epidemiological studies—epidemiology is the study of the frequency and distribution of a disorder, or a group of disorder, in a population – Clinical trials – Dissemination studies—actually implementing clinical interventions in the health care realm once it has been developed in the lab – Meta-analyses and mega-analyses  Meta-analysis—the pooled analysis of published results (many papers on a topic combined into one paper)  Mega-analysis—the pooled analysis of raw data (collection of raw data from many studies analyzed) o prevalence of a disorder: proportion of population that has that disorder at a given point or period in time o incidence of a disorder: number of new cases of a disorder that develop during a specified time period Third variable problem—the possibility that the variables not measured in the study (external factors) are the real cause of the relationship between the two variables measured. (e.g. in the summer ice cream sales go up and so do murder rate
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