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Lecture 13

PSY 309 Lecture 13: Psychopathology

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University of Oregon
PSY 309
Nicholas Allen

Week 6 Lecture 2 Genes and neurodevelopmental hazards interact to form anomalous neurodevelopment Biased cognitive schemafeeling that the world is not safe Interventions: Pharmacological approaches First generation antipsychotics o Block dopamine receptors o Work best for positive symptoms o Can cause movement abnormalities (extrapyramidal symptoms) referred to as parkinsonian Secondgeneration antipsychotics o Block dopamine receptors o Fewer extrapyramidal symptoms Psychosocial Approaches: Family therapyhelping individuals stay out of hospital, support system Case managementindividual questions, can the person stay in work? Social skills trainingdifficulty interpreting personal signals, facial expressions, tone of voice, helping the person avoid isolation Cognitive remediation designed to improve neurocognitive abilities such as attention, working memory, cognitive flexibility and planning, and executive functioning which leads to improved social functioning. Cognitivebehavioral therapybehavioral activation, encouraging things that are rewarding, how to interpret the hallucinations and delusions Other forms of individual treatment Assertive community treatment programs o Assertivetreatment team goes to the patient generally in their home or on the street o Skills training o Vocational rehabilitation o Social support o Need to be sustained to have effectseffects often decline after intervention ends
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