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Lecture 13

PSY 450 Lecture 13: Hormones and Behavior

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PSY 450
Pranjal Mehta

Week 7 Lecture 1 Hormones and Human Mating Behavior: HPG axis: testes and ovaries secrete all three hormones: testosterone, progesterone, estradiol Female Menstrual cycle: Ovarian follicle: fluid filled sac in the ovaries that contains an immature egg. Produces estradiol. During ovulation, a mature egg is released. Corpus luteum: temporary endocrine structure in ovaries, important for establishing and maintain pregnancy If egg is not fertilized it develops into corpus albicans (mass of scar tissue) Biosynthesis of estradiol and progesterone: Androgens are converted by the enzyme called aromatase into estrogens. Progesterone is a precursor to glucocorticoids Oral contraceptives result in lower levels of estradiol, progesterone (and testosterone) because of negative feedback for the production of LH and FSH due to exogenous hormones being taken. Female rats only display mating motivation (lordosis) during the fertile phase (about 4 days) Female baboons have sex through the menstrual cycle, but have clearly visible genital swelling during the fertile period Female humans have sex throughout the cycle and dont show drastic changes in behavior Ovulatory shift hypothesis: women experience immediate sexual attraction on highrelative to low fertility days of cycle to men with that reflect genetic quality ancestrally Stripper studyMiller et el: Professional lap dancers recorded their nightly tip earnings for 60 days to see if fertility time had an effect on their behavior Changes in womens choice of dress: more sexy clothing during high fertility as opposed to lowfertility Preference for more masculine faces, especially during highfertility Progesterone negatively related to sexual desire 2day lag estradiol positively related to sexual desire
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