HSTAM 111 Lecture 7: Lecture Notes 7

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University of Washington
Ancient and Medieval History
Charity Urbanski

Lecture Notes 7 Monday, April 24, 2017 More Context on rise of misogyny - Rise of misogyny coincides w persecution of Jews, heretics, lepers, homosexuals (sodomites – male homosexuals), prostitutes o Continues into early modern era o All of these groups targeted by the church - Church begins defining itself and asserting its power (beginning w first crusade 1095) - Church identifies and defines outsiders, who don’t belong - Defines itself and those who make it up in terms of Christendom (The body of Christ) o If every follower makes up body of Christ, church becomes concerned with purity of everyone o Threats include disease, deviant, disobedient, or otherwise contaminant o Jews – have their own religion + reject Christianity; culturally distinct o Heretic – someone who disagrees with church (unorthodox belief) ▪ They risk their own salvation + potentially others’ salvation ▪ Considered worse than Jews Persecution of Jews (anti-Semitism) - First cases 11 century o Massacre of Jews in 1096 on the way to First Crusade ▪ Encounter Jews on the way to attack Muslims ▪ Crusaders massacre Jewish communities (along Rhine river) ▪ First extorted money from Jews, then offered choice of baptism or death ▪ The bishop of the region did attempt to protect the Jews - Associated with money lending (lending money with interest) o Barred from participating in certain trades + joining guilds; this resulted in them engaging in money lending o Often acted as banking system for Christians (b/c Christians were technically not allowed to) o Christians begin to resent fact that they are in debt - Too closely associated with princes o Most jews we
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