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Lecture 14

MATH 126 Lecture 14: Lecture 14

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MATH 126
Loveless Andrew

1.The letoedyつre)一ㄧˇ田sfZQeerle,ye)28)> Y. The ewrvahere→ Reall Hot Thus, he tree Al and no mal era, at aeveaken ae au: CarpID瓦じnor)Hal 千ーーーーk'!一二一一a e Derau 29 anふ eyAerkaton, dto_ eZuyaaleパ-07 げ007 tcu__impret-- the rast-thetabaveがver ー可1YvT+vT,s0 rてのrri(k)た-177t(f)ftac(H+t _777 G,:-TE:T---k:蚩--- -ga 1.The letoedy つ re ) 一 ㄧ ˇ 田 sfZQeerle , ye ) 28 ) > Y. The ewrvahere → Reall Hot Thus , he tree Al and no mal era , at aeveaken ae au : CarpID 瓦 じ nor ) Hal 千 ーーーー k ' ! 一 二 一 一 a e Derau 29 an ふ eyAerkaton , dto_ eZuyaale パ -07 げ 007 tcu__impret -- the rast - thetabave が ver ー 可 1YvT + vT , s0 r て の rri ( k ) た -177t ( f ) ftac ( H + t _777 G , : - TE : T --- k : 蚩 --- -ga14-1 iy .3-Tntco to Multv wetle 4-Fu c-fann and farda /2/MAuer lefmit on. A fuck h tft6yhowwabler :o a fanle that aryan ?:fk.y) Ale r r,拠 nolan i,N (ky ) ;s He /antion On the Xy-plane lue sonefamelotate f:R-) |&R Rー> seb or all rel member
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