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Tim Weaver

22514Human Evolutionary Biology Week 8Evidence for Human Evolution Self Study Questions1Each of the following is a correct geologic time unit for the present day except A Eon Phanerozoic B Era CenozoicC Period Quaternary D Epoch Pleistocene 2Each of the following is true exceptA Fossils found in the Great Rift Valley of eastern Africa are often dated using the potassiumargon methodB Volcanic ash initially only contains radioactive potassium which over time decays into argon gasC The older a volcanic ash layer is the lower the potassiumargon ratioD The halflife of a radioactive isotope refers to the average time it takes for half of the atoms in a sample to decayE The halflife of a radioactive isotope is constantly decreasing as fewer and fewer atoms are left in a sampleQuiz Questions1Each of the following is true about relationships between chimpanzees and humans exceptA Chimpanzees and other lessevolved primate species are ultimately the ancestors of humansB Humans and Chimpanzees share about 985 of their DNAC Humans and Chimpanzees shared a common ancestor about 76 million years agoD The first molecular studies in the 1960s showed that humans were more closely related to the African apes chimpanzees and gorillas than to monkeysE Chimpanzees like humans have developed specific cultural traits within separate populations2Hominin fossils have been found in various parts of the world Each of the following is true exceptA Fossils from more than 6000 individuals have been found throughout the worldB There are multiple known hominin species some of which lived in the same place at the same timeC Some hominin fossils are 76 million years oldD There is good evidence that large brains evolved before bipedality over the course of human evolution E The earliest hominin fossils are found in Africa3 Much of the evidence for human evolution comes from fossil hominin skull parts ie parts of the cranium or the mandible Each of the following is true exceptA The earliest hominin cranium was discovered in Chad and it possesses features that are both derived and primitiveB Over time hominin skulls become less prognathic projectingC Bigger brains evolved in hominins only after the appearance of the genus HomoD Most fossil evidence comes from teeth because these are the hardest parts of the bodyE Hominin canine teeth have increased in size over time4Evidence for human evolution does not only come from hominin fossils Each of the following is true exceptA Indirect evidence for bipedality at about 35 million years ago is preserved in footprints from Laetoli TanzaniaB The adoption of stone tool technology at about 26 million years ago suggests that early hominins found a new way to obtain energy from food
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