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Asian American Studies

AA College Students as Model Minorities Study Compare AA college students with racially different peers on degree of crossracial engagement and empirically tests relationship with sense of coherenceHypothesesAA have lower cross racial engagement with other groups Lower crossracial engagementLower sense of coherenceWith AA competence is predicted by higher crossracial engagement so lower crossracial engagementlower sense of coherence FindingsColor prejudice keeps AA target of racial discriminationPressures to fulfill stereotype may result to distress and anxietydetracts attention from socialpsychological needsAsians enroll in more natural science courses The ability to interact effectively and associate with people from other racial groups is a predictor of successful functioningInvoluntary migrant minorities have been treated as permanent members oflower castedo not believe American educational institution serves as a means to upward mobility todays AA may be less affected by historyAA who experienced the social norms on campus to be consistent with their own received higher GPAAsian cultures are collectivistic with a rigid ingroupoutgroup distinctionreason for lower sense of coherenceCoherence is defined by comprehensibility manageability and meaningfulnessStudents with higher sense of coherence were less anxiousTHESE FINDINGS DO NOT SUPPORT THE MODEL MINORITY MODEL IF SUCCESS IS DEFINED A OVERALL COMPETENCESouth Asian and East Asian International Students Perceived Prejudice AbstractRelationships of perceived prejudice and acculturation with frequency of help resource utilization were examined for South Asian and East Asian international students N110 All predictors including interactions were significant but showed different relationships for the 2 groups The mean frequency of help resource utilization was significantly higher for South AsiansIntent of the Studyunderstanding relationship between culture and frequency of utilization of help resources by international students would provide direction to institutions regarding relevant support services for these studentsHypotheses Acculturation and prejudice influence Asian international student frequency of utilization of help resourcesRelationships of the variables would differ depending on Asian group South vs East Asian For S Asian as acculturation grew frequency of utilization also increasedoDue to colonization of Britain and learning to accept cultural differences beforehand due to diverse languages S Asians have learned to accept differences
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