ENG 06: Engineering Problem Solving with MATLAB – Lecture 2 notes

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University of California - Davis
Professor Rajeevan Amirtharajah

ENG 06 – Lecture #2; 1/10/2013 Sustainable Engineering Theme  Problems will involve environmental issues/sustainability o Water supply o Food production o Energy production and consumption o Waste and pollution management o Housing and shelter o Transportation  Ex. Solar powered electric vehicle charge station o Addresses 3 issues: shelter, energy production, pollution management  Engineers need quantitative, detailed, rigorous methodology o Also creativity, judgment, teamwork, tools o Using hardware + software leads to best solutions  Problem solving approach o Problem definition  Ex. provide electricity for a building using solar power  Not enough info  What type of generator? How much electricity? o Engineering specification  Know what questions to ask  Transform vague problem statement into specifications o Feasibility analysis  Preliminary calculations-is it feasible? o Sanity check  Does it make sense? Can it be done? o Design and verify  Can be done with software like MATLAB, hardware like microcontrollers o Refine and iterate  Check for issues, solve problems Built-In Functions  Geometry o sin(pi) % sine of pi radians o cos(pi/2) % cosine of pi/2 o asin(1) % arcsine of 1 o sind(75) % sine of 75 degrees  Integer Functions o round(5.3) % round towards nearest integer; ans = 5 o fix(5.3) % round towards 0; ans=5 o ceil(5.3) % round towards +inf; ans = 6 o floor(5.3) % round towards –inf; ans = 5  Algebraic o sqrt(9) % square root of 9 o nthroot(27,3) % cube(3) root of 27 o log(5) % natural logarithm (base e) of 5 o log10(5) % log (base 10) of 5 o exp(5) % e^5  Arithmetic o Remainder  % R = rem(X,Y) if Y~=0, returns X – n.*Y where n = fix(X./Y).  rem(15,2) % remainder of 15/2; ans = 1  rem(20,3) % ans = 2  rem(20,-3) % ans = 2 o Modulus  % M = mod(X,Y) if Y~= 0, returns X – n.*Y where n = floor(X./Y).  mod(15,2) % similar to rem but different for different signs
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