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University of California - Davis
Environmental Toxicology
ETX 20
Kanthaswamy, Sreetharan

Hiiiiiihihihihihihihihihihihiih Hi!!  ;)  Clandestine Meth Labs 1890’s: first made, but no one knows where 1930’s and ‘40’s: Nazi meth made for super soldiers (not until 1939 in English) 1950’s: available without prescription 1960’s: Hells angles west coast motorcycle gang began producing—not popular because of side effects, not recognized as a problem 1970’s: became a schedule 2 drug by DEA (means has medical uses but can be abused) 1980;s: simple recipes developed (from Sudafed) 1990’s: wide distribution The only thing you need to do to take psudophedrine into meth is remove one oxygen D-Methamphedimine is psychoactive whereas L-meth is not and is used in Vicks inhalers Phases of Meth sysnthesis: Extraction of pseudoephredrine from pills Reaction Ph adjustement (only with HI/ red P method) Extract free base with an organic solvent Salting out with hci gas Drying and recrystallization to ice Cutting, often with dimethyl sulfone Parts of Red P/HI method Common in western US Can be scaled up (greater than 100 pounds per batch, used by Mexican national labs) Hot reaction must be sealed and vented Reaction by-prodicts can be deadly (especially phosphine and methyl iodide Reaction mix is aidic; pH must be raised in order t oextract the produce PJ adjustment is a makor cause of spills (very hazardous step) OR Birch Reduction Called the “nazi methd” Common in Midwest due ti availiablity of anhydrous ammonia (used in fertilizer) Safer reaction Can’t be scaled up Cold reaction, stops when water added Alkaline reaction mix, ph does not need to be adjusted to extract the product Produced no siginifacnt byproduct. Spread much easier across the country Shake and bake/ one pot method: Variation if birch reduction Posted on the web in 2009 Can be made in one large 2 L soda bottle Very dangerous, very unstable In 3 seconds can become fireball These explosions cause lots of burns There is a book on how to make meth—secrets of methamphetamine manufacture, calls himself Uncle fester, kind of a sociopath What chemicals are encountered at et labs? Precu
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