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Environmental Toxicology
ETX 20
Kanthaswamy, Sreetharan

Forensic Food Safety Animals & foodbourne pathogens You wouldn’t think spinach can kill you, but spinach can kill you. Microbiological safety of animal derived food Foodborne xoonotic (from an animal and infects a human)pathogen 1) Infectious agent is mathogenic for humans 2) Iological reservoir includes an animal 3) Modes of transmission include foodborne Helminthes Protozoa Viruses Bacteria Fungi Prions Of primary concern: Enterohemorrhhagic Esherichia coli—wide variety of virulence genes Salmonella enteric-- >2500 most are not pathogenic Ifectious does curvesL ID50- concentration when half of us would become sick Generally its up to you to make sure its safe—so washing is important Strategies to resuce foodborne pathogen risks during preharvis to keep the d
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