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Lecture 6

HIS 6 Lecture 6: Lecture 8, April 27th, 2017

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University of California - Davis
Hakeem Naim

Schoo Hana Liberal/or malik Shof Hanbali Stricter restrictioms Ja's Cshian Ruling Types Qadi. Judge mufti: Juris consult O6ligatory: must happen Fatwa legal opinion recomended Bihe Helmet Permissible: marijuana dis lined: Tobacco Sorbidden: Can't do it at ha Sh The Religious impulse comes from the bloody murder of H un, The Prophets granason in 650 modern Secta nism more nationalistic, ethnic based rather than religious For non- Shias their claim about Ali's right to rule after the death of Prophet muhammad was lis retrospective was at first Political and then religiovs The Imams Desrendants of Prophet muhammad /Ali Leaders of Sh people Different Groups of Sh s Split off due to succession issues Last Imam Muhammad al-munt C6. 813, in occultation Hidden- waiting for him Imam were infallide Imam s are respected Gy the Sunni community Egyptian The Fatimid s Cgoa -ll 7 Foned by h who claimed the descent Al-Hahim moswe and al-Azhar in Cairo Religious university/ first super awesome moswe The Anatolia Soldiers of Abbassits Tolerant of many non- 5hia religions Both Buyids and Fatimids we we tolerant of Sunnis enc Avicinne. Doctor Persom Arst one to apply math They invented modern th's and O World map The travelled and drew maps ders and mangols Causes Econom C The "middle East" trade route rope felt marginalized by the trade Religion Rise of the Orthodox Church People converted from Cotholicism to ortho dox Lots of excommunication Politica Fragmented Europe small petty King doms Unification through religious wars Socia uprising of Peasants Threatening the hegemong f the Chron First Crusade: Clo9s kingdom of Jerusalem, the principalty of Antioch and the Counties Tripoli and Edessa Second C Cl 197-19) hing of France HRE. nur al Din Zeng is son defends the Crusvaders Third Chusvase: CI187-9 hing of France, Eng lad d HRR. 4th Crusade To Istan Long Term Significance oE Crusva es Deepned Rift 6etween Chnstianity 3 Rise of Religious intolerande f JCws massacre Intolerance of Christan minor ties in muslim Lands Rise of Venice as center of Trode estab tshed trade base in Constantinople
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