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Emotion And MotivationChapter 10ElliotTumor on frontal lobe required removal of some frontal lobe tissueLost the ability to experience emotion no emotional responseaCould not make rational decisionsbCould not learn from mistakes cUnable to maintain relationships IWhat are Emotions1 Emotion Immediate specific responses to environmental eventsaInvolve subjective evaluation physiological processes and cognitive beliefs 2 Mood Diffuse longlasting emotional states that influence thought and behavior A Emotions as Feelings1 We experience emotions subjectively2 Degree of intensity varies between individualsa Extremes may indicate psychological problemsiOveremotionalDepression panic attacks ii Underemotional Alexithyma eg Elliot B Types of Emotion1 Primary Emotions Emotions that are evolutionarily adaptive shared across cultures and associated with specific physical statesa Anger fear sadness disgust happiness surprisecontent pride 2 Secondary Emotions Blends of primary emotionsa Remorse guilt submission anticipation 3 Positive vs Negative Affect Valence a Are independent of each otheri Can experience both simultaneouslyii eg Leaving for collegeb Separate neurochemistry iPositiveDopamine increaseiiNegative Affect Norepinephrine increasec CryingC Development of Emotion 1 Newborns experience pleasure and distress2 89 months display all primary emotions3 Positive Emotionsa Newborns smile during REM sleepb 46 weeks waking smilec 23 months social smiled 8 months Separation anxiety 4 Negative Emotions
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