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Anthro Lecture Notes (3-7-14)

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James Egan

Anthro 2A Notes - 3/7/14 I) Village and Family Life Gender A) Kampung Life (Life in the Malay village) 1. Adat: older cultural older in malay, 2. Islam: cultural diversity in the world of islam B) Men, women, authority, and spiritual essence 1. Fathers and mothers in family life - Authority rests with the father 2. Gender and authority - Power to naturalized. - Gender roles are unquestioned - Men are beliefed to have a stronger spiritual essence - Men have stronger moral character 3. Gender symbolism organizes hierarchy of authority - Men: should make the decisions and have authority over women for the good of society - Women: they are a threat to men o One weakness men have, which is women. o Women can tempt men with sexuality o This can destroy a man’s honor or purity o Women must be controlled o Keep women well clothed and can’t talk to men who aren’t your relatives o Always act respectively o Avoid dangerous places - Spiritual vulnerability over the female life cycle Stage 1) Youth, virgins, at their spiritually weakest stage (need to be under protective male authority) o Cultural ordering of space Stage 2) sexually mature women o Threat to men o Gained spiritual strength o Expected to self regulate o Two types of cases of women - wife (under protection authority of her husband) - a divorced or widowed woman, referred to as a janda (negative) most dangerous women of all (she is not under the protection of anyone, therefore it makes her the more dangerous, so she is a bigger threat) doesn’t fit in the categories Stage 3) elderly woman o Strong as a man, she has strong will power o No longer deemed a threat to men o Looked at with much respect II) Time in the village vs time in the factory A) Time is a cultural construct B) Time in the village - time is cyclical, not very structured or routine - rythem of activites and chores and prayers - don’t need a clock - time for socializing - if you can’t take the time to socialize you are morally suspicious C) time in the factory - linear time - want to achieve the most you can in a certain amount of time - time is money - clock regulates the day - factory schedule is a 8 hour day (30 minute break and 30 lunch) - work shifts are constantly changing for the women - fractured day: social and work are broken apart they are not the same thing - Anthro Notes lecture 3/10/14 I) School, work, and young women A) Boys and girls in village schools 1. Elementary schools: girls do better, more disciplined 2. Secondary school (HS): boys do better than the girls - By the time these kids get to secondary school, the girls are given chores to do at home, and the boys do not have to do them, th
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