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Anthro Lecture Notes (2-28-14)

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University of California - Irvine
James Egan

Anthro 2A Notes – 2/28/14 I. Impacts upon the colonized A. Depopulation B. Loss of Land 1. Colonization, or unjustly take land C. Abusive forms of labor control 1. Rubber extraction in the Belgian Congo a. possession of Belgium; during this time: automobile industry  all rubber for every car up to this point had to come from real rubber in rainforests; established rubber farms; people who worked on these farms had loss of limbs, etc. because of the dangerous equipment involved in harvesting the rubber D. Environmental Degradation 1. Didn’t care about the local environments, all about business 2. Nature a. Phosphate E. Undermining Local Cultural Tradition 1. Change the cultural way of the locals, more like replace to look like their own way  deemed to be progress (civilized) and make for efficient workers; very self-serving; local language put down; social and culture wars II. Anthropology and Colonialism A. Colonialism’s power to send out anthropologists to go and study these different cultures B. Anthropology developed from the colonial context  field study C. Often critical of colonial policy; to preserve some of their cultural ways, but took advantage of the situation D. Scientific Racism 1. Idea that human kind is divided up into these discrete biological types called races with different physical, socialphysio, etc. traits  only one true form of human = white people 2. No single institution that has more to do with development of scientific racism than the slavery of
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