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Lecture 36

ART HIS 42C Lecture Notes - Lecture 36: Onnagata, Chromolithography, Art History

Art History
Course Code
Douglas Winther

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Professor Winther Tamaki
Art history department
Art History 42 C
Japanese Art History
Course Code 21020
Discussion code 21021
4 units
No Pre-Reqs
11:00 - 11:50 MWF
Location: HG1800
Toshikata, Captain Higuchi, 1895
Story related in the text panel
Crossed trees - ancient motif
Story - leading squadron up the hill, found a little chinese boy freezing in the
snow, boys family run away bc they were scared of japanese
Chinese in picture running away
One is dead
Captain higuchi saves little boy, however is encountered by artillery represented
by the red lines in the image
After the battle, gives boy to some prisoners of war, to give boy back to his family
Motivation behind work to counter japanese atrocities
Imagery of japanese military important during this period
Woodblock print
Lieutenant Shibakawa, 1904
Russo-japanese war
Story is the hero in the image, 28 yrs old, holds war fan, kills soldier
Considered gallantly and heroic
Woodblock print
Red splatter - flicked onto the work
Heroic vision of japanese soldiers
New Comic play at the mejia theater
Names of actors in background
More deliberately aestheticized
Focuses on heroic adaptations of these heroes
Woodblock print
Commander oyama, 1904
Made from a very thick chunk of limestone
Don’t cut surface, use some type of oil resist to draw on it, then ink it
When ur done, it is sanded off
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