ART HIS 40C Lecture 9: The Enlightenment 3 – French Revolution continued

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Art History
N I S B E T, J.

April 21, 2017 Lecture 9: The Enlightenment – French Revolution continued Jacques-Louis David, Oath of the Horatii, 1784 continued • 1784 – studied in Italy and commissioned by king to paint topic ◦ brothers defending Rome, father wishes them well, sister engaged to enemy ◦ Horatii kills two brothers but the last one wins ◦ sister mourns so last brother kills her (commissioned to portray this moment) • flat coloring, precise • rococo – courtly excess ◦ neoclassicism – response to this excess of courtly pleasure at expense of others ◦ what France’s political ideals should be ◦ but king at center of frivolity and excess ▪ wants to call forth loyalty in nation but in doing so, David offer other message • salon displays it – public space for art exhibition (1785) ◦ developed customs and culture such as writing and publishing about art ◦ idea of publicness – creates opportunity for more viewers but there is a system of control ◦ ideas circulated to public similarity to Print Revolution ◦ 18 century public sphere – stage public discourse ▪ allows public to happen and form… dangers and possibilities ◦ communicate with different positions in public sphere – counter-public against king/laws/etc. • criticism that David should’ve known better ◦ neoclassism in schematic way, over-apparent, unmask
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