BIO SCI 194S Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Syphilis, National Research Act, Nuremberg

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25 Jul 2018
UCLC Lec. 1
The university maintains a research compliance program via:
- To maintain compliance with federal and state regulations
- Effective management of extramural awards
- Maintain the public’s trust in academic research
- Prevent the loss of federal and state funding
The document adopted in 1979 by a US Commission that provides the policy and
guidance that would lead to the regulation of human subject research
- Declaration of Helsinki no
- Drug importation Act no
- Insulin Amendment no
- Belmont Report YES
The document that established the first international guidelines for human subject
- Declaration of Helsinki no
- Belmont report no
- Tea importation Act of 1897 no
- Nuremberg Code of Ethics YES
Document states “Concern of Interests of the subject must always prevails over the
interests of science and society”
- Belmont Report no
- Nuremburg code no
- Milgram study no Stanley Milgram did the rats study
- National Research Act no
- Declaration of Helsinki YES
The study performed in the United States that used subjects infected with Syphilis and
withheld to study the progression of the disease
- Guatemala Syphilis Study - no
- Milgram Study - no
- Thaliodmde Research Tragedy no
- Willowbrook School Study - no
- Tuskegee Syphilis Study YES
People with special protections as research subjects
- Pregnant women
- Prisoners
- Children
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