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University of California - Irvine
Biological Sciences
Grant Mac Gregor

A. Conformational Change B. Regulating Signaling Proteins a. Protein synthesis b. Ligand binding c. Covalent modification d. Addition of second subunit e. Unmasking f.Stimulation of nuclear entry i. Unmasking NLS ii. Removing inhibitory protein b. Release from membrane B. Which ones of these would involve conformational change? a. B,C,G B. Consensus sequence (conserved squences), amino acid domains a. Invariant amino acids i. Always the same in all proteins b. Conservation in amino acid sequence = conserved function B. Protein Domain a. Conserved series of amino acids that are found in different proteins b. Functional part of the protein c. "Legoland" i. Conserved modular domains ii. Domains binds to… 1. Modified peptides 2. Oligo-peptide, DNA, RNA 3. Homodimerization 4. Phospholipid B. Phosphotidylinositol a. Has many sites to be phosphorylated b. Phosphorylation effects function B. Extracellular signals can effect slowly or quickly a. Altered protein function i. Fast process ii. No transcription or translation required iii. Involves GTPase, Kinase, phosphatases b. Altered protein synthesis i. Slow process ii. Transcription/translation required B. Steroid Hormones a. Able to directly penetrate the lipid bilayer b. Uses ligand binding, unmasking, nuclear entry B. Steroid receptors are found on the inside of the cell membrane, facing the cytosol a. Hormones are able to elicit rapid response b. Bind
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