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University of California - Irvine
Biological Sciences
Shin Lin

Disadvantages of RCTs Generality Long time and expensive the complete Problems with non drug RCTsBinding often as impossibleSkill experience of therapistVery pt tx is differentVariable compliance hard to measure Ptfalls a summary Who you see is what you get take expert prouncements with grain of saltOften based more on dogma than data Trivial but statically significant results common con census in real work Minimally important difference vs sufficiently important difference MID smallest difference patient perceive as beneficial and which would mandate SID smallest patient valued difference that an intervention would require to justify associated costs risks and other harms higher bar because there are more parts real world difference Closer to what carragees pt expect Other pitfalls growing concern over trivial treatment effects Support a 45 yo pt has 1010 back pain doesnt work and take opioids for pain relief cant do shit Gets expensive tx surgery Then 710 paint doesnt work and doesnt do shit AND still takes opioids IS THIS CLINICALLY IMPROTANT IMPROVEMENT Not SID but there is clinical improvement The problem Clini
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