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Criminology, Law and Society

20170418 Lecture 5 Translational Science The Public HealthApproach to Violence Prevention Knowledge Production > Knowledge Utilization >Knowledge Production or Understanding <===>Action Social Science > Prevention Science> Prevention Practice > Prevention Science > Social Science How can we use research to stop or prevent the violence. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control and Prevention Comparing RiskFocused andAsset BuildingApproaches: Core Elements What is the problem we are trying to solve in risk focused approach How do we enhance positive development inbetween human beings in assetbuilding approach how do we identify who are at risk of getting involved things that you can do to reduce the onset of the violence in the family are protective factors stop or intervene the risk factors promote healthy human development RISKAND PROTECTIVE FACTORS: Family Setting DevelopmentalAssets (Search Institute): FamilyAssets School and NeighborhoodAssets ARisk FocusedApproach: Public Health Detailed analysis of the problem Define the problem and conduct surveillance Identify risk and protective factors Develop and evaluate prevention strategies or intervention programs Disseminate findings There are three layers in terms of public health approach Intensive: the ppl are already involved in the violence, what do we do to stop or reduce the seriousness of the violence, ppl who need medical attention Targeted: try to identify who is at risk of being involved in this problem when they are at a high change to get involved soon
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