CRM/LAW C10 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Categorical Imperative, Individualism

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C-10 Notes 1-24 - Human Dignity, Kant, and the Constitution
-Contrasting Philosophies
o Maximize utility and collective welfare.
o Emphasize government action for the common good
o Respect individual rights.
o Minimize government action, coercion, and moral judgement
Kantian Ethics
o Respect human dignity and universal human rights.
o Connects justice and morality to freedom through autonomy reason, and duty.
o What matters I the motive, not the consequences of actions.
-Kant: Supreme Principle of Morality
Attaied though pue patial easo
Connections between capacity for reason and capacity for freedom
-Kant on Respect
We are rational beings
We are autonomous beings
Distinct capacity for exercising freedom
To act freely is to act autonomously, according to the law I give myself
With autooy oes oal esposiility eal feedo
To act freely is to choose the end itself, for its own sake
-Moral principle 1: Respect Human Dignity
Treat persons as ends in themselves
Not treated as an object to be use for others
-Moral Principle 2: What Matters is Motive
It is’t the oseuees of a atio that atte, it’s the otive- do the right thing for the right
Intention actually matters
Motives of inclination (Lacks moral worth) vs. Motive of Duty (Has moral worth)
-Moral Principles 3: The Categorical Imperative
To be free requires that a rational being act out of a categorical imperative: a practical,
unconditional law that commands what is right despite context
Humanity is an end in itself, with absolute value
Humans have absolute worth
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