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Lecture 3

CRM/LAW C7 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Precedent, Kevin Betts, Feudalism

Criminology, Law and Society
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Terry Dalton

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Week 3 Materials
Justice, Making Laws, US Constitution & Bill of Rights, Crime Theories, Violence Theories, Bogira Ch.5-6
Chapter 5-6 Bogira
Chapter 5
randomizers for courtroom case
Revenge and justice
Carter’s gradother, to tell you the truth, I do’t really are hat happes. Whateer they do it ai’t
goig to rig hi ak. “he feels oly
all it takes for eil to thrie, Kei Betts to thrie, is for good e ad oe to do othig. He asks
you to do that today, to do nothing. Do not do that, do something. Find him guilty of first-degree
Jury deisios o the oe thig you a’t otrol. Who seres as jury eers? You a eer tell hat
the  idiots are goig to do!!! O the holdout jury eer I ated to kik hi i the fae
Holdout jury member recalled the movie 12 angry men.
Once arrested, justice is a crapshoot.
Chapter 6
Why so many poor black men arrested for drugs? Describe - easy arrest
Author equates joblessness with drug use-but drugs cost money?
Eichman Mentality-
Drug court-an example of how crimes magically swell to fill the criminal courts capacity to handle it.
Prohibition laws and possession versus current drug laws in possession
Judge Locallo sentiment: if they want to legally take drugs sterilize em!
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Making law
Courts -stare decisis
Feudal law provided the basis for common-law
First part was the documentatio fro the ely estalished Court ofLa i the s,
decisions were written down, circulated and summarize
Second part magna Carter (Great Charter) 1215
Drawn up by English barons
Stare Decisis - Let the deisio stad
All federal courts are bound by US Supreme court. Only the highest courts in the state are
binding within state but states may give consideration to other states Supreme Court decisions.
Precedent can be overruled by legislature if Constitution permits
William Blackstone English judge and philosopher
Law in the US was organized in four parts: 1. Torts 2. Contracts 3. Criminal Law 4. Procedure
Legislative Laws (statutes) Executive Agency Laws (Administrative) Judicial Cases (Common Law)
Predecessor to the US Constitution
1787-Continental Congress invited delegates from 13 original states to meet in Philadelphia to
write a new Constitution.
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