ENGR 7B Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Computer Language, Semicolon, Error Bar

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12 Jan 2017
ENGR 7B Lab Intro to Arduino
Integrated Development Environment
Text program allowing you to write code to instill in Arduino
Opening up Arduino program = opening up IDE
Job includes taking human readable code we write and converting it into
commands the computer can follow (machine-readable)
o This job is called compiling
When you save a file in Arduino, it is called a “sketch”
o Contains all the computer code that you’ve written
o File extension is “.ino”
Used to be “.pde”
Very similar to C++
Basic concepts are exactly the same
Code written will be human-readable
o Will be organized for humans to follow with ease
IDE Interface
All default sketch names are “sketch_date”
o Ex: sketch_jan12a
o Ex: sketch_dec19b
o How to change?
o Go to save and change name
Note you cannot have spaces in name of Arduino program
Ex: Hello World = not accepted
Ex: Hello_World = valid
o Verify = checks the code for any messages and displays errors on bottom
o Upload = uploads code onto the Arduino board
How to know if it’s working?
When plugged in, two LEDs will be blinking very fast
Tx and Rx
o Transmit and receive
o Serial Monitor = opens up serial monitor window and allows you to see
connection between computer and Arduino
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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