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University of California - Irvine
Emily Rosenberg

History 40C Discussion Notes Week 1: 4/3/13 What is History? • Use of primary source material to construct a narrative of change over time -Primary source material: -Originated during the historical time period in question • Multiple kinds of history -Social and Cultural history -Economic and Material history -Political History About “Facts” • Memorizing facts is not a goal but a tool • Ultimate goal is to tell a story using those facts • What “memorizing” or what kinds of “facts” are necessary in order to do historical analysis? Week 2: 4/10/13 Discussion about the Triangle Factory Fire Significant economic reforms • Cutting down work hours and raising minimum wage • Breaking up monopolies (Anti-trust laws) • Regulating food and drug industries - Lack of trust. How will people know? - Rats running around - In some ways, inspired companies to get the trust of the people • Quiz for Week 3 (only from Week 3 study guide) - Based on weekly study guides - 3 identifications will be chosen from the study guides - Need to answer 2 - Ex. ID - New immigrant: Who are these people?And why are they significant to history? - Who? Mostly from Eastern Europe and Southern Europe, poor but not destitute; Migrating to the East Coast like New York - When? Early 1880-1920 - Significance? Considered non-white and inferior; Racism in progressive reform; Source of cheap labor; Drive the transportation growth; Cultural
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