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Lecture 6

HUMAN 1C Lecture 6: Sexual Violence, Race, and Colonialism

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Rodrigo Lazo

April 19, 2017 Lecture 6: Sexual Violence, Race, and Colonialism Introduction and Overview • legal and social definitions of rape • racialization of sexual coercion ◦ social power = sexual power • rape as political tool Racist Prosecution of Sexual Coercion 1700-1820 Anglo-America • 80% of executed men =AfricanAmerican • 96% victims = white Definition and Images of Rape William Hogarth, Before and After, c. 1730 • women assumed to always resist, but then give in • men are supposed to assert sexual dominance • so what is real resistance? Legal Definition of Rape • capital crime (death) • man on woman • carnal knowledge against her will ◦ difficult to decide resistance ◦ so identities substituted ◦ evidence – women is a virgin, man is not a type that woman would choose (such as a black man) • reluctance to convict Consent and Force • carnal knowledge “by force and against her will” ◦ Joseph Latham and Rhoda Howel (MA, 1769) ▪ assault with attempt to rape ▪ claim conviction did not mentioned that it was against her will • male aggression v. female resistance ◦ portrayed as “natural” • “real” rape v. reality of rape ◦ social power defines the act of coercing sex Racialization of Sexual Coercion Household Coercion: Power of Patriarchs • Masters ◦ David Thayer (RI, 1766) ▪ servant and sexual mastery ◦ William Cress and Rachel Davis (PA, 1808) ▪ ability to make orders and make sex appear acceptable ▪ does not create consent, but image of consent by putting servant in a vulnerable state • Fathers ◦ Hannah Rood (CT, 1703) ▪ being patriarch = sexual access ▪ “his command” as father ◦ Peter Harding (MA, 1729) ▪ claims husband will have sexual access once daughter is married ▪ but while he is the head of the household, he has control of her body sexually Coercion in Courting • James Paxton and Jane Mathers (PA. 1783) ◦ teenager walked home by Paxton, who starts asking ◦ e
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