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Lecture 2

POL SCI 124E Lecture 2: 124E 2.1

Political Science
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Race & Class
“New black”
it’s dangerous to say that some people are “blacker” than others because it
suggests that there is a specific way to be black
There doesn’t need to be a new term to describe those who don’t fit into
stereotypes, most people didn’t live by stereotypes anyway!
New Black means emotions aren’t a slave to “white foolery”, New Blacks will excel no
matter what
Yes, BUT black people are STILL subject to discrimination beyond their control
Universalistic vs targeted policies
Broken windows policy targeted at low income neighborhoods
Caused uptick in arrests
Targeted policy
Stop and frisk
Affected black and latino men in New York
Crack vs cocaine carrying different sentences, essay topic?
How schools are built and funded by property taxes, essay topic
Can non race-specific interventions solve racial problems?
War on drugs richard nixon
Associated black people with heroin to vilify
Response to rising black power movement
Rates of marijuana use between white and black are similar
Yet black people are arrested at 3 times the rate
Policy solution: decriminalize/legalize
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