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Lecture 1

POL SCI 6B Lecture 1: PoliSci6BLec1Wk1

Political Science
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Kamal Sadiq

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Poli Sci 6B Macro Politics
29MAR16 Lec1Wk1 with Kamal Sadiq
Macro - Large
Globalization: Both micro + macro
Macro Politics
How do we define macro politics?
Ask political scientists to give you a definition of macro-politics, you will get different
At what level am I looking at the problem?
Is not a political term, open to all
Macro Politics: study of states, political systems and institutions, political ideologies
Consequences for the human civilization
Key aspect of macro-politics is the ability to think + analyze politics on a global scale
Straits of Malacca Singapore/Asia line where 90% of global products come
But how do we define politics?
A. Politics is the exercise of power through:
a. Gov’ts and regime times
b. Int’l organizations
c. Culture and ideas
i. Democracy
ii. Free markets
iii. Ethnic identity
Macro politics is influenced by the processes of globalization
B. What is globalization?
a. Greater interconnectedness
b. Fundamental shift in spatial scale of human organization
c. Stronger link between distant communities
d. Expansion of power relations
Another way to think of it is, globalization is the increased flow of:
People (international migration)
Things (goods, manufacturing, services)
And ideas (political ideas), democracy, “free trade”
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