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Lecture 1

PSY BEH 11B Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Axon Terminal, The Blind, Long-Term PotentiationPremium

3 pages57 viewsWinter 2019

Psychology and Social Behavior
Course Code
Linda Levine

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Jessica Mangold
PsyBeh 11B
Professor Levine
Week 1 Lecture 1
Introduction Lecture
Course Topics
- learning & memory
- emotion & thinking & language development
- human development
- exams: 96% (32% each)
- iClicker questions: 4%
- can earn extra credit by signing up for participation in experiments or writing paper
- starting small:
- biology of learning
- basic structure & plasticity of neurons
- going big:
- philosophy of learning
- rationalism & empiricism
Overview of the Structure of Neurons & How Neurons Change
- how is a neuron like an 8th grade girl?
- have their own language
- match intensity of message conveyed & then go off & share message with peers
- neuron passes message to nearby neuron & that neuron passes message on
- basic unit of communication in nervous system is neuron
- receives signals from other neurons & responds by either sending signal on or not
- parts of neuron: dendrites, soma/cell body, axon, axon terminals
- dendrites
- receiving or sensing part of the neuron
- receptors that pick of chemical signals called neurotransmitters from surrounding
- passes signals to soma
- soma or cell body
- calculates sum of signals & makes decision about whether signal strong enough to pass
down the axon
- signal has to achieve voltage threshold
- axon
- where electrical signal passed from soma to axon terminals
- moving signal called action potential
- axon terminals or pre-synaptic terminals
- where signals leave one neuron for another neuron
- when signal reaches axon terminal -> neurotransmitters are released & picked up by
receptors on dendrites of next neuron
- neurons do not touch each other
- space between axon terminals of one neuron & dendrites of another neuron called
- neurotransmitters kept in vesicles
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