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University of California - Irvine
Psychology and Social Behavior
Paul Howland

102113Reading Success LabReading Development Checklist SearchVisitMath Success LabHomeAbout UsOur ProductsReading InformationDyslexia InformationStoreContact UsLibraryReading Development ChecklistSource National Research Council Report on Preventing Reading Difficulties Birth to 3 yearsRecognizes specific books by cover Pretends to read books Understands that books are handled in particular ways Enters into a book sharing routine with primary care givers Vocalization play in crib gives way to enjoyment of rhyming language Labels objects in books Comments on characters in books Looks at picture in book and realizes it is a symbol for a real object Listens to stories Requestscommands adult to read or write May begin attending to specific print such as letters in names Uses increasingly purposive scribbling Occasionally seems to distinguish between drawing and writing Produces some letterlike forms and scribbles with some features of English writingThree to 4 yearold AccomplishmentsKnows that alphabet letters are a special category of visual graphics that can be individually namedRecognizes local environmental printKnows that it is the print that is read in storiesPays attention to separable and repeating sounds in language eg Peter Peter Pumpkin EaterPeter EaterUses new vocabulary and grammatical constructions in own speechUnderstands and follows oral directionsIs sensitive to some sequences of events in storiesShows an interest in books and readingWhen being read a story connects information and events to life experiencesQuestions and comments demonstrating understanding of literal meaning of story being toldDisplays reading and writing attempts call attention to self Look at my storyCan identify 10 alphabet letters especially those from own nameWrites scribbles message as part of playful activityMay begin to attend to beginning or rhyming sound in sali
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