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Lecture 41

PUBHLTH 2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 41: Rofecoxib, Infant Mortality, Cardiovascular Disease

Public Health
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Zuzana Bic

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Austin Maldanado
Professor Bic
Public Health 2
Ghana overlaps with those in developed countries, but infection, trauma, and
women’s health problems are much more prominent. Medical practice in rural
Africa faces extremely limited resources, a multiplicity of languages, and
presentation of severe illnesses at later stages than seen elsewhere.
Like Japan's health care system, the UK also provides complementary and
alternative medicines under the health care system.
A disparity for the UK health care system is that because there is free, public
health care to all permanent residents, there is no private insurance companies that
can tend to specific patient' needs.
Brazil is one of the top 10 countries of the wealthiest economy.
T/F: Quarantine and Isolation was not used during the SARS outbreak.
T/F: In order to prevent and treat SARS, SARS screening took place in
all Toronto hospitals.
True/False? Vioxx was recalled by the FDA because of its risky, potential health
effects on the heart
Hennepin Health serves high income patients and emerged as a patient as a
partnership between local social service.
Funding for the NHS comes directly from taxation. Since the NHS transformation
in 2013, the NHS payment system has become underpinned by legislation.
Answer the following:
What are the top 3 diseases in the US?
Heart disease, cancer, stroke
Life expectancy in the UK is ranked ___________ than in the US, and infant mortality is
ranked _________ than in the US.
Higher, lower
What does the accountable health communities program award to 44 organizations
around the country to build partnerships among state Medicaid agencies?
$1-4 million in grants
Complete the following
What preparations should be made to head off future epidemics that might occur during a
mosquito season?
All of the above
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