SOC SCI 164B Lecture 4: Soc Sci 164b Lecture 4 Week 2

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Social Science
Al Valdez

Soc Sci 164b Lecture 4 Week 2 16:48 8 correctional officers are assaulted every day Norteños align with the blacks (BGF) Sureños align with white, Aryan brotherhood (AB) Law enforcement strategy in the 70s was cut the head off the snake The older members and leaders were enforcing the ethical rules of gangs like schools and churches are neutral If you break the rules, all gangs turn against you OGs or veteranos gone, new kids learn that the more you fear me the more you respect me Boston gun project = most successful project for getting guns off the street History and Culture 1970s Street ethics also developed do not commit crimes in your hood never involve innocent people like women and children schools are neutral, as well as churches, stores and movie theaters if you break rules, all gangs turn against you Fresno Bulldogs were undocumented and used as muscle; form as a gang in 1971 Bulldogs are called an island gang, they affiliate with nobody If you’re in the car, you’re in good standing with the Bulldogs 3 dots and 2 bars = number 13 History and Culture 1971 Fresno Bulldogs form, Fresno isolated Nationally only 101 cities report the presence of street gangs 1972 Joe Morgan becomes the figure leader of the Mexican Mafia Aztecs believe that they’re gods needed to be fed, human blood History 1980s; by the early 80s the traditional gang code of ethics and behaviors has started to change drastically. This created a new wave of gun violence gang related juvenile homicides began to increase starting in mid 1980 to 1985 sky rocket Traditional rule changes: Non-gang members have become prey, including women and child
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