SOC SCI 164B Lecture 8: Soc Sci 164b Lecture 8 Week 4

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University of California - Irvine
Social Science
Al Valdez

Soc Sci 164b Lecture 8 Week 4 4/27/2017 6:30:00 PM Black gangs • All original street gangs did not allow juveniles to join the gang • 1920 – black gangs in LA started • Originally black gangs were friends with Mexican gangs • World events like World War 2 can shape and have influence on gang formation/gangs • No bloods or crips until 1969 • 1960s confrontations settled with fists • 1960s brims, slausons, huns, avenue boys, 135’s and watts • late 60’s gangs start to claim turf and all are rivals of each other • individual gangs are “sets” • during Vietnam conflict, black gang activity dropped in LA • 1960’s leader selected on popularity, material wealth and ability • man made boundaries • strong arm robberies, dice games • started wearing blue colored cloths • use of uppers, downers and mj • Mid-late 60’s Vietnam, lowers gang • 1969-1970 avenue boys Trick question: bloods and crips were the first to wear red and blue  FALSE, the Mexican prison gangs were the first African-American street gang activity decreased during the Black awareness movement As a group/cohort, African Americans have the highest poverty rates, highest single family rates, in California 1 of 3 African Americans will have an arrest record Stanley “Tookie” Williams who is accredited for starting the crips did not actually start the crips The Avenues/avenue boys  one of the larger of the 29 black street gangs
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