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Lecture 2

SOCECOL E8 Lecture 2: Social Ecology E8 Notes

Social Ecology
Course Code
John M.Whiteley

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Professor Zanotto/Whiteley
Social Ecology Department
Social Ecology E8
Environmental Analysis and Design
Course Code: 50000
Discussion Code: 50001
4 units
No Prerequisites
Location: SSLH 100
2019 Spring Quarter
Beginning of Lecture:
Climate Change:
What is climate change?
Change in the typical weather over an extended period of time
Changes in temperature, precipitation, or wind patterns
What is weather?
The state of the atmosphere at a place and time
Why is it incorrect to use the argument “it is too cold today” to discredit the
existence of climate change
Polar vortex is supposed to stay at the north pole but dwindling sea ice
(from climate change) has caused the vortex to split in three places, and
that’s why it’s cold down here
Polar vortex splits like this will become more common as climate change
What are some of the indicators of climate change?
Increases in:
Water vapor
Temperature over oceans
Sea surface temperature
Ocean heat content
Temperature over land
Air temperature near surface
Sea level
Decreases in:
Snow cover
Sea ice
Glaciers and ice sheets
Why do scientists agree that humans are at least partially inducing the climate to
Human produced GHGs
Product of burning fossil fuels
How does climate change happen?
Human produced GHGs explain most of current climate change
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