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Lecture 5

SOCECOL E8 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Sustainability, Red Meat, Water Pollution

Social Ecology
Course Code
John M.Whiteley

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Professor Zanotto/Whiteley
Social Ecology Department
Social Ecology E8
Environmental Analysis and Design
Course Code: 50000
Discussion Code: 50001
4 units
No Prerequisites
Location: SSLH 100
2019 Spring Quarter
What are the trends in meat consumption in the U.S. and globally?
Meat consumption in U.S. has increased
Consumption of red meat has decreased though
Meat consumption is on the rise
Remains considerably lower than in the U.S.
What are some of the characteristics of a sustainable food system?
Physically and economically accessible to all
Provides safe food
Produces no waste
Operate in fair markets
Provides nutrition
Less packaging
Free of harmful chemicals
Is resource-efficient
What are some of the sources of freshwater?
Surface water
Renewable groundwater
Fossil or non-renewable groundwater
What is global trend in water consumption
Water use has been growing at more than twice the rate of population
increase in the last century
Which sector uses most of the water?
What do water stress, water scarcity, and absolute scarcity mean? How is it
Water stress
Annual water supplies below 1,700 m3 per person
Water scarcity
Annual water supplies below 1,000 m3 per person
Absolute scarcity
Annual water supplies below 500 m3 per person
What is the difference between physical and economic scarcity?
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