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Lecture 16

SOCIOL 41 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Arthur Schuster, Transactional Leadership, Transformational Leadership

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Sociology 41
Small Group Dynamics - Small Group Behaviors
Professor Schuster
Course Code: 69150
4 Unit Course
Key: Subjects/topics discussed in class
Notes: Lecture 16
***Leaders Overview
Activities of Leaders
Their primary function of a leader is to guide the group toward its goals
The process whereby one group member influences and coordinates the
behavior of other members in pursuit of group goals
In formal groups, where roles are organized in a status hierarchy,
leadership functions are typically fulfilled by high-status members
Controlling the activity of group members
In informal groups these functions, may be fulfilled by one or several
persons who emerge during the interaction
Activities of Group Leaders
1. Formulate a clear conception of the group’s goals and communicate this to
group members
2. Develop specific strategies for the attainment of group goals
3. Specify role assignments and establish standards of productivity for members
4. Facilitate communication among members
5. Recruit new members and train members in crucial skills
6. Interact with members personally to maintain good relations
7. Provide persuasion, rewards, and punishments to encourage the members
8. Monitor the group’s progress and take corrective steps if necessary
9. Resolve conflict between members
10. Serve as a representative of the group to outside agencies and organizations
Types of Leadership:
Transactional leadership entails an exchange between a leader and group
In return for fulfilling leadership functions, the leader receives support for
continued control, as well as special rewards and privileges
Transformational leadership fosters high levels of group productivity by
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