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WEST LOS ANGELES COLLEGE HEALTH EDUCATION 11-3 UNITS JITENDRA KUCKREJA Adjunct Assistant Professor [email protected] Fall 2013 Section numthr 8077 th August 26 – December 15 , 2013 Online class Office hours: 24/7 on line. I will do my best to respond within 24 hours. Required Textbook: Donatelle, R.J. Health: The Basics, 4 Ed.WLAC Edition ISBN 10: 1-269-34384-X ISBN 13: 978-1-269-34384-8 Lectures/Quizzes/Threaded Discussions (TD’s)/Exams/Research paper: Online Course Description & Student Learning Outcomes UC/CSU transferable. General study of health designed to promote desirable health attitudes and to provide up-to-date information in the areas of individual, family, and community health. As a result of taking this course, students will be able to: • Explain the importance of a healthy lifestyle in preventing premature disease and in promoting wellness. • Identify one’s personal responsibility to reduce health risks associated with the leading causes of death and disability by recognizing high-risk behaviors and their impact on current and future health. • Understand the importance of a global perspective on health, and recognize how gender, racial, and cultural background influence disparities in health status, research and risk. • Identify the key components of personal fitness and describe the benefits of regular physical activity and a healthy diet. • Demonstrate through performance on exams, projects, classroom discussions and written assessments, evidence of ability to understand and use the concepts of this class. Course Learning Outcomes- After completion of this course, 1. Students will be able to devise a prevention plan for a personal health experience or concern with investigative research 2. Students will be able to identify the key components of personal fitness and describe the benefits of regular physical activity and a healthy diet. Modules Lecture 1 Introduction- and Promoting Healthy Behavior Lecture 2 Psychosocial Health Lecture 3 Managing Stress Lecture 4 Violence and Abuse Lecture 5 Healthy Relations and Sexuality Lecture 6 Infectious Diseases/Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) Lecture 7 Health effects of Alcohol Lecture 8 Health effects of Caffeine Lecture 9 Health effects of Tobacco -----------------------------------------UNIT ONE EXAM (Online; covers lectures 1-9 only) Lecture 10 Dietary Health Lecture 11 Healthy Heart; cardiovascular Lecture 12 Aging- Death-Dying- Methods of Birth Control Lecture 13 Illicit Drug use- -Environmental Health/Sources of Air Pollution Lecture 14 Financial Planning—Discussion Lecture 15 HIV-AIDS Lecture 16 Health effects of SLEEP Deprivation—Discussion Lecture 17 Cancer –Consumerism Lecture 18 WATER--Discussion ------------------------------------- UNIT TWO-FINAL EXAM (Online; cumulative; covers concepts from lectures 1-9 and details and concepts from lectures 10-18) ATTENDANCE: Students must log on daily (weekdays). If you withdraw from this class, you must formally file a drop card at the admissions office. Failure to do so will result in a letter grade at the end of the semester. Once enrolled, the instructor does not drop anyone unless he/she does not log into the course at all from day one of the class starting. CHEATING/PLAGIARIZING: WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. IF YOU ARE FOUND CHEATING ON ANY RESEARCH PAPER, ASSIGNMENTS, QUIZZES OR EXAMS YOUR SCORE THAT WILL BE RECORED WILL BE A ZERO FOR THAT ITEM AND YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR ANY FURTHER EXTRA CREDIT. YOUR FINAL GRADE WILL BE BASED SOLELY ON ANY EXTRA CREDIT YOU MAY HAVE ALREADY EARNED AS WELL AS ANY ASSIGNMENTS, RESEARCH PAPER, QUIZZES AND EXAMS ALREADY RECORD AND ANY FUTURE ASSIGNMENTS, RESEARCH PAPER, QUIZZES OR EXAMS. Research Paper (written assignment): Worth up to 15 pts. Due December 2 , 2013, nd 11:59 PM. “Real-life” research paper- Students, write a paper on a health topic that has directly influenced or affected your family or personal experience. One example will be a Personal Impact paper- The topic must have a cover page and a reference page (MLA format). Paper must be at least 6 pages in length (4 pages of content) and be typed in 12 point font and be double spaced. Fifty percent of the paper will describe why this topic has made a personal impact on to you and what you the student hopes to learn by researching this topic. The second half (fifty percent) of the content will be dedicated to investigative research of this topic and must include proper citations along with a reference page. Students must cite at least two resources in the paper. Examples may be: alcohol and drug abuse, violence, mental health issues, family history of disease or personal ailments/conditions, food choices. obesity, eating disorders, exercise, culture and health topics, pregnancy, STIs, stress. Again, the research paper/personal impact paper is due on the aforementioned date and online only. Please submit research paper online in the “Assignment” section of the course labeled “research paper”. Your research paper is due by Decemberd2nd, 2013 11:59 PM. I will accept the research paper up till December 3 , 2013
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