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Pat Vegas (yaqui/ shoshone)
Butch Rillera (Filipino/ chicano)
Tony Bellamy (Yaqui)
Lolly Vegas (Yaqui/ Shoshone)
“Come and Get Your Love” (1974), #5 billboard
Redbone inducted into rock and roll hall of fame (2002)
How the West was Won
Nov. 1864: Sand Creek Massacre, southeastern Colorado Territory
Colonel John Chivington: “Kill and scalp all little and big...nits make lice… it in
right and honorable to use any means under God’s heaven to kill Indians.” 3
months before the massacre. This was in no way validating why it was ok to kill
children and the elderly. The night before he was arguing with 2 officers who
where protesting his plan. Ironic because at the time, he was an active minister.
700 whites killed between 150 and 250 unarmed Cheyenne and Arapaho
Indians, mostly women, children, infants, and elders
“... indiscriminate slaughter of men, women, and children.” -Robert Bent, a local
white rancher who was forced to serve as a scout for the attack, in which one of
his two half Cheyenne sons was subsequently killed
“...their bodies where mutilated in the most horrible manner.” -Lieutenant James
Connor, official report of the “battle”
People where literally mutilated, men and women had privates cut off, pregnant
women where cut open to have their baby taken out, etc.
Congress ordered hearings convened to investigate atrocities and murder by
Cavalry Regiment and volunteer militia troopers
“You would think it is impossible for white men to butcher human beings as they
did there, but every word I have told you in the truth, which they do not deny.” -
Captain Silas Soule, testimony against Col. Chivington
Because of Soule’s testimony, he was gunned down on the streets of Denver by
a soldier from Col. Chivington's regiment, killed at the age of 26.
1867: “Burning the Cheyenne Village”
1868: Washita River Massacre, Cheyenne Camp, Indian Territory
Lt. Col. George Custer
Led 800 troops from the 7th Cavalry to the Cheyenne winter encampment of
Chief Black Kettle
Striking at dawn, the troopers attacked 51 lodges, killing 103 Cheyenne, but only
11 of them where warriors- the rest where women and children
By noon, Kiowa and Arapaho warriors, who had camped nearby had survived
Chief Black Kettle
Had survived the sand creek massacre, 4 years earlier
Was killed on the Washita river
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