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Information Systems
INFS 1100
Kenneth Riddle

INFS 1100 Lecture 4 Excel III -Apply a Theme to a Workbook -A theme contains a predefined set of colors, fonts, styles, and fill effects. -To change click on Themes button and choose desired theme. -Add Conditional Formatting to Cells -Merge and center button -Able to choose cell style in top menu -You can fill a cell with color by clicking the paint bucket icon and choosing a color. -Borders to the cell or cells can also be set by clicking the borders icon near the fill button and choosing what type of border you want. -Change Column Width and Row Height -To change the width or height of a cell just go to the side of the column or row (either by the letter or number) and set your pointer where it shows a split double arrow. -Check the Spelling of a Worksheet -In the upper right hand box on the top of the program in the home tab you will find a box that says spelling. Clicking this will search the entire work
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