COM 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Nonverbal Communication, Affect Display, Middle Finger

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6 Feb 2017

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Communication, Chapter 3
Nonverbal Communication: communication without using wordsgestures, signs, etc.
o Emblem: gesture that can be directly translated into words, such as middle finger
o All nonverbal works work with verbal words
Repetition, emphasis, complementation, contradiction, substitution,
o Paralinguistic features
volume, rate, pitch, quality, non-word sounds, pronunciation, articulation
o Music can portray and evoke emotions as a form on nonverbal communication
i.e., Jaws theme
o Types of Movement- gestures
Emblems, illustrators, regulators, affect displays, adaptors
Peace Sign, V for Victory, or the number 2an emblem or an illustrator
Raising hand/oath- regulator
Middle finger- emblem, scratching nose- adaptor, counting- illustrator
Talking with hands- affect display, “this big”- illustrator
Mime “trapped in box”- emblem
Seinfeld “the pick”- adaptor, scratching nose
Thumbs up- emblem for success or good in America; can also be
illustrator (pointing to something)
Gestures are not universally translatable
Fists- affect display for emphasis, emblem for wanting to fight
Adjust your gestures for the audience
o Distance
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find more resources at
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