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Lecture 3

CHIN 40 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Mandarin Duck, Chen Duxiu, May Fourth Movement

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Michael Berry

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Week 2, Tuesday!
The May Fourth Incident
Beijing May 4, 1919!
In the end of WWI, China thought that Shangdong (was occupied by Germany) will
be return back to China, but it was given to Japan!
Treaty of Versailles conference with major allies of the world!
Peking University organized a demostración in Beijing where more than 1000 h.s.
and college students protested in 天安󵃺!
Violation of Chinese sovereignty!
Failure of the Chinese government to protect nation interest!
Student walk to street and burned down home of Car Rulin, a pro-Japanese ocial!
1st anti-imperialist mass movements in China history!
originally the G adopt a very strict position, then they end up releasing the students!
Transformation of Chinese Nationalism into its Twentieth cent form, w/ emphasis on
mass mobilization and anti-imperialism.!
Also caed the Chinese Renaissance and Enlightenment!
Began in 1915 with the publication of cultural magazine named “New Youth”!
Intellectual forum for new ideas, especially those of such figures as Chen Duxiu and
Hu Shi!
incredible impact on Chinese identity !
Founder of Chinese Community Party and New Youth - Chen Duxiu!
Hu Shi - considered the father of vernacular language , language reform!
Lu Xun - considered father of modern Chinese literature!
1919 when 54-movement launched, people read in 󰁻. This means that there is
high rate of illiteracy because no one has money to send sons to learn 󰁻.!
Main themes of this period!
Attack on Confucianism !
54 movement member think that filial piety creates favoritism !
Lu Xun - A Madman’s Diary
paranoid guy that saw a village that consist of people that eat other !
his family members, even himself have eaten human before !
attack to traditional Chinese history, philosophy, etc!
Hu Shi 胡適
reform the Chinese language!
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